Clomiphene citrate is an anti-estrogenic for patients with infertility resulting in a biasing ovulation. Clinical medicine is particularly noteworthy to clomiphene citrate as a non-steroidal ovular stimulant. It affects the estrogen receptors in different body tissues including the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the ovaries, the uterine mucosa, the uterus and the cervical. One focus here is that the active ingredient counteracts the negative feedback of the estrogen to the hypothalalus hypophysenic ovarian axis and improves the distribution of gonatropins (LH and FSH). This increase in the gonatropine can trigger ovulation and ideally lead for conception.

In men, Clomiphen Citrate partly acts as anti-estrogen and is used to counteract the unwanted side effects of aromatable steroids, including gynecomastia and increased water storage. As anti-estrogen, it may also cause an increase in LH and FSH which in turn can strengthen testosterone production. This effect is particularly desirable if the body's own testosterone production is suppressed when completing a use cycle of androgenic steroids. For this purpose, Clomiphen Citrat in most cases together with HCG and Tamoxifen to achieve a faster resumption of testosterone production.

Struktur von (E,Z)-Clomifen

Clomiphene Citrate in bodybuilding-antiestrogen and against gynecomastia

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