Isotretinoin, also known as 13-cis retinoic acid, is a CIS isomer of the tretinoin and is one of the retinoids of the first generation (non-aromatic retinoids). As a pharmaceutical drug against strong acne, Isotretinoin was launched in 1982 by Roche.

The active ingredient is a so-called retinoid, ie a natural descendant of vitamin A, which is also known as retinolic acid. Retinoids occur everywhere in the body and ensure accelerated growth in the cells.

For heavy forms of acne, the pores clog through an increased activity of the sebaceous glands. These can then ignite what leads to the typical purulent pimples and pustules in acne patients.

If an additional amount of retinoids such as isotretinoin are supplied to the body, it comes after binding to their docking points (receptors) to increased cell growth in the upper skin layers (epidermis). The horn layer of the skin loosens up and a "peeling" of the epidermis is facilitated. In addition, the function of the sebaceous glands is affected, whereby the pores clog less.

Overall, the skin is cleaned out of the inside, the skin is refined and there are fewer impurities.

Strukturformel von Isotretinoin

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