We accept bitcoins, monero and bank transfer via a payment provider.

Attention! We do not send order confirmation or payment information by e-mail! The correspondence exists only on this page in the login account.
The payment information appears after the order has been abandoned and within 24 hours as a private message in the customer account on this page:

Login> History and details of your orders> Details> News

Payment with direct bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal will not be accepted.

We prefer the anonymous payment with monero. This is the safest way for the buyer and us. In contrast to Bitcoins are

The transactions in the blockchain are not traceable.

We recommend the customer to download a desktop wallet:

Wallet to pay pharmaceuticals online

Here the customer can choose between different crypt feeds and change.

To purchase Monero & Bitcoins are suitable:

Online  Pharma Shop
- Bank Transfer
- Person for person trading.
- Payment with PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card etc ....
- Bank Transfer
- Bank Transfer
- Payment with bank transfer and credit card
- Payment with bank transfer
- Payment with credit card