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Testosterone enanthate, which is also sold as a drug under the names Testosteron Depot or Testoviron Depot, is the testosterone preparation most frequently prescribed by doctors worldwide. Testosterone enanthate is a testosterone molecule to which an enanthate ester has been attached. Unesterified testosterone, also known as testosterone suspension, has only a short half-life in the body after the injection and must therefore be injected daily, or even better, twice a day. For this reason, a way has been sought to give testosterone to patients suffering from testosterone deficiency in a more convenient manner than frequent injections. Since testosterone has to be used over a longer period of time or even permanently as part of a testosterone therapy, an orally ingested 17-alpha-alkylated testosterone version was not a good solution to this problem due to the heavy liver load. Thus, actually only esterified testosterone remained. Esterified testosterone is stable in the body much longer, which means that the injection intervals can be significantly extended. This is because the body has difficulty separating the ester from the testosterone molecule, so the release of unesterified testosterone molecules takes place gradually. The longer the ester, the longer this separation of ester and testosterone molecule takes. Only the free testosterone molecule separated from the ester is active in the body, whereas esterified testosterone represents an inactive depot, from which testosterone is gradually released by separation of the ester. Another fact that must be taken into account with esterified testosterone is that the ester is included in the amount. 250 mg testosterone enanthate correspond to only about 180 mg free testosterone. The rule here is that the longer the ester attached, the lower the proportion of testosterone.

Testoviron Depot has numerous properties that are very interesting for bodybuilders. Like all testosterone variants, testosterone enanthate has a strong anabolic (muscle-building) effect based on different mechanisms. Testosterone promotes the storage of nitrogen (protein) in the muscles and also increases the activation of so-called satellite cells from which new muscle cells can be formed. It is also known that testosterone promotes the body's own IGF-1 secretion both in muscle tissue and through the liver. IGF-1 is a strong anabolic endogenous growth factor that promotes both muscle repair after heavy exertion and muscle building. In addition, testosterone reduces the release of catabolic glucocorticoid hormones such as cortisol and thus counteracts muscle catabolism that can occur after hard training or during a low-calorie diet.

In addition to the desired effects, Testoviron Depot also has a number of undesirable side effects, which increase depending on the dose. Since testosterone is converted into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme in the body, side effects caused by estrogen such as water retention, increased blood pressure and gynecomastia must be expected. These estrogen-related side effects are more pronounced the higher the testosterone dose. Furthermore, testosterone is converted in the body by the reductase enzyme into the androgenic dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for androgen-related side effects such as aggression, oily skin, acne and the promotion of hereditary hair loss.

Since testosterone suppresses sperm production quite effectively with long-term use, testosterone has been tested by some pharmaceutical companies as a possible contraceptive injection for men. As a bodybuilder, it is better not to rely on testosterone's preventive effects as there are ample reports from bodybuilders who have conceived healthy children despite long-term use of Testoviron Depot. In addition to sperm production, any exogenous (externally supplied) testosterone suppresses the endogenous (endogenous) testosterone production quite quickly and effectively. For this reason, when stopping any testosterone preparation, suitable measures must be taken to get the body's own testosterone production going again as quickly as possible.