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30 Capsules Letrozole 1mg

How Letrozole Works:

In estrogen-sensitive tumors, estrogen promotes cancer growth and the spreading of cancer cells into the rest of the body (metastases). With the withdrawal of estrogen, the growth of these special tumors such as breast cancer comes to a standstill. Some cancer drugs take advantage of this fact. This also includes the active ingredients from the group of aromatase inhibitors such as Letrozole. Like all aromatase inhibitors, the active ingredient blocks the enzyme aromatase, which is important for estrogen formation.

Letrozole Femara Bodybuilding

Before menopause, the ovaries are the main seat of estrogen production by aromatase. However, aromatase inhibitors are ineffective in the ovaries and cannot suppress the production of estrogen. In addition, a small amount of estrogen is produced by aromatase in the liver, the adrenal gland, in the adipose tissue cells and - fatally - also in breast cancer cells. In these tissues, estrogen production continues even after the menopause. However, it can now be blocked by taking Letrozole. This also brings the remaining production of estrogen after the menopause to a standstill.

In the medical field, the dosage of the aromatase inhibitor letrozole is 2.5 mg per day. In various clinical studies, however, it has been shown that a 75% suppression of estrogen production can be achieved with doses of 0.1 to 0.5 mg.

Bodybuilders often use letrozole during the doping phase to counteract the estrogenic side effects. The doses are mostly far below those in the medical field, so doses of 0.25 mg to 1.25 mg of letrozole every two days are found to reduce estrogen-related side effects. Since the active ingredient letrozole has a half-life of more than two days (approx. 50 hours), taking it every other day is usually sufficient.

Side effects (common):

Sweating, joint pain, hot flashes, tiredness, feeling weak, loss of appetite, increased appetite, excess cholesterol in the blood, depression, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, hair loss, rash, muscle pain, bone pain, loss of bone mass (osteoporosis), Broken bones, feeling unwell, water retention in the arms and legs, weight gain.

Side effects (uncommon):
Urinary tract infections, white blood cell deficiency, water retention in the tissue, anxiety disorders including nervousness, irritability, drowsiness, sleep disorders, memory disorders, sensory disorders, numbness, taste disorders, cataracts, eye irritation, blurred vision, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, acute thrombosis, rise in blood pressure, shortness of breath, Abdominal pain, inflammation of the oral mucosa, dry mouth, increase in liver enzyme levels, itching, dry skin, hives, joint inflammation, frequent urination, vaginal bleeding, discharge, dry vagina, chest pain, fever, dry mucous membranes, feeling thirsty, weight loss.
Stroke, pulmonary artery occlusion, general artery occlusion, stroke.

Known interactions with other agents:

Among other things, the enzyme cytochrome P-450 2A6 is hindered by letrozole. Active ingredients that are broken down by this enzyme and are toxic even with a slight overdose should not be taken together.

Letrozole must not be used in women who have not yet gone through menopause (menopause) or who have corresponding levels of hormones in their blood.

In patients with impaired liver function or kidney dysfunction, the active ingredient may only be used under medical supervision.

In patients with osteoporosis or who have had broken bones, doctors should measure bone density before starting treatment with the drug and continue to measure bone density at regular intervals. If necessary, preventive measures should be taken or treatment for bone mass loss should be started.

Application / dosage:

In medicine, letrozole is administered in doses of 2.5 mg / day as standard.
Bodybuilders use letrozole in the build-up phase in combination with steroids in a dosage of 0.25-1.25mg every 2-3 days. In the competition phase, dosages of up to 2.5 mg / day can be found. Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding is prohibited.